Rope based, External Halyard System
Sizes and Specifications

Continental external halyard flagpoles provide the traditional rope based halyard system for raising and lowering the flag in heights from 20' to 80'. Standard fittings include a spun aluminum ball, cast aluminum single sheave revolving truck assembly, braided nylon halyard, brass flag snaps, cast aluminum collar and corrugated steel ground sleeve assembly.

Continental flagpoles with a base diameter of 10" or 12" come standard with a heavy duty truck assembly. This truck assembly utilizes a heavier spindle rotating on dual precision sealed spindle bearing assemblies and a machined aluminum sheave on a stainless steel axle. Heavy duty stainless steel flagsnaps are also standard on the 10" or 12" base diameter models.

Standard Features

Standard Single Halyard
Revolving Truck Assembly

Standard Brass Flagsnap

Spun Aluminum Collar

Corrugated Steel Sleeve


Optional Features

Standard Double Halyard
Revolving Truck Assembly

Revolving Ball/Truck

Cleat Cover & 5' Channel

10" and 12" UPGRADES

Heavy Duty Single Sheave
Truck Assembly

Heavy Duty Double Sheave
Truck Assemblies

HD Stainless Steel Flagsnap


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